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Decorative Painting

Simonette's decorative painting has been featured in Louisiana Homes and Gardens Magazine and New Orleans Homes and Lifestyles Magazine. Her exterior design and decorative painting work can be seen in the Monteleone Bienville House Hotel main courtyard and Loyola University's modern Dana Center central courtyard fountain. She works with homeowners, businesses, churches , schools, designers, contractors, and local artisans on a wide range of mural, decorative painting, repair, and design projects.

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For that extra touch to make your foyer glow, add a gold glaze on the ceiling to match the light fixtures.
Custom stencils are no problem! This lovely damask pattern was beautiful in a St. Charles Avenue condo's powder room.
Add that extra touch to make your foyer glow. This ceiling is done to look like gold leaf, giving the room depth and an understated opulence. It even matches the light fixtures! Done with Anne Bishton of Anne Bishton Designs. 
Want a custom stencil designed and created for your space? No problem. This damask pattern was taken from a wallpaper sample the client provided. When the design was enhanced by layers of glaze and the right colors, it created a room with more depth and character than any wallpaper could have.
 : The finished damask stencil and glazing done in the powder room of the client's St. Charles Avenue condo.
The finished damask stencil and glazing done in the powder room of the client's St. Charles Avenue condo.
 Pickling antique wood

A broken antique frieze in the process of being restored to its original beauty.


 All the color was taken out of this stone archway because a worker accidentally used muratic acid to clean it! Simonette stained the stones in the archway an array of natural stone colors to match the palette in the rest of the home. After it was finished, the client liked it better than she did the original stone.



Fluffy clouds are a beautiful addition to a ceiling in a nursery or bedroom.

Simonette specializes in aged finishes on a variety of surfaces, including garden ornaments and outdoor statuary and furniture.

A painted outdoor statue done for a local congregation.

Need your cabinets or furniture refurbished, aged, or painted to compliment another color palette? Simonette has an eye for color and knows how to realize the potential in any piece or setting.
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